About Us

Founded in 1997, Home Credit is an international consumer finance provider with operations in multiple European and Asian countries. We focus on responsible lending primarily to people with little or no credit history. Our services are simple, easy and fast.

What We Do

Our responsible lending model empowers underserved customers with little or no credit history to access financing, enabling customers to borrow easily and safely, both online and offline. We offer:

We empower people

We empower people to live the life they want now. We are proud of our heritage of delivering a broad range of innovative financial products and services in a responsible way. And, we've been doing it for over 25 years.

Helping our customers

We help our customers achieve their financial goals, but also help our business partners to drive closer relationships with their customer networks. At the heart of our business, is the customer.

Financial services

Our financial services are designed to fit seamlessly into our customers ’ daily lives. Powered by a dynamic and scalable technology platform, we make life easier for our customers.

How We Operate

Responsible approach

Our responsible approach to business is underpinned by a robust operationg model and a disciplined focus on risk management, coupled wih a deep understanding of the diverse markets where we are present.


Historically, Home Credit has been successful in developing and delivering innovative financial services. From fully regulated banking services to dynamic revolving loan products to integration with powerful partner retail platforms - we are consistently evolving the way we do business and adapting to our customers and partners.

Business partners

When it comes to our business partners, we have a strong track record of integrating with their ecosystems, which has delivered value and created connections across a range of financial, banking and value-added services.

Expanding portfolio

Our expanding portfolio - which now includes health and life insurance products - is providing new ways for partners to diversify and drive growth, enabling us to create a stronger bond with our customers.

This has allowed us to serve over 100 million customers throughout our history. It’s a strong foundation which means Home Credit is well positioned for future growth.

Our History


Czech Republic

Home Credit is established as a non-banking lender in Czech Republic



Greenfield operation established, Home Credit becomes the first consumer finance entity in the local market



Greenfield operation starts, followed by an acquisition of AO International Bank Alma-Ata in September 2008



Home Credit China is launched with headquarters in Shenzhen; consumer lending is based on a guarantee model at this stage



PPF Croup N.V. (parent company) receives a local consumer finance licence and establishes PPF Vietnam Finance Company Limited, a consumer finance lender that operates under the Home Credit brand


Air Bank, a.s.

Air Bank, a.s. is a green-field project which was launched in 2011 in the Czech Republic.



Home Credit launches operations in India after acquiring Rajshree Auto Finance Private Ltd.



Home Credit launches operations in Indonesia after entering into a joint venture with a local partner, PT SL TRIO; this marks the first joint venture in Home Credit’s history.



Home Credit launches operations in the Philippines through a joint venture with a local partner, FILCOMMERCE HOLDINGS, INC.