Who can report?

Whistleblowers can be persons who are employees of Home Credit N.V. (“HCNV”) or execute similar activity for HCNV, including members of corporate bodies, job applicants, trainees, or former employees. According to Section 2(3)(b) of the Act, submission of notification by persons exercising rights and obligations from a contract for the provision of supplies, services, construction works, or other minor performances are excluded.

What can be reported?

Notifications may relate to illegal conduct of which the whistleblower became aware in connection with the performance of his/her work for HCNV and which:

  • (i) has elements of a criminal offence,
  • (ii) has elements of administrative offense for which the law stipulates a fine of at least CZK 100,000,
  • (iii) violates the Act itself, or
  • (iv) violates EU law in the areas specified in the Act (e.g. the areas of ​​public procurement, consumer protection, preventing the legalization of proceeds from criminal activity and terrorist financing, or environmental protection).

How to report and to whom?

Whistleblowing notice can be given:

  • to email:
  • by phone: +420 602 777 425
  • during personal appointment (upon agreement with a Nominated Person)
  • in writing to Home Credit N.V., odštěpný závod attn. Pavel Procházka
  • through the relevant department of the Ministry of Justice

Nominated Persons are:

  • Martin Šeda, Group Chief Legal & Compliance Officer,
  • Pavel Procházka, Head of Compliance, and
  • Hana Panušková, Senior Compliance Specialist.


Whistleblowers are afforded the protection of identity and the protection from retaliatory actions. Protection under the Act is not provided to whistleblowers who make knowingly false statements and to anonymous whistleblowers until their identity is known.

If I am employee of Czech HCNV but want to report other issues

Persons who are employees (or similar position) of HCNV and want to report issues not falling within the regulatorily-prescribed scope described above may use the email or report to PPF FH Group via (i) personal notification to a staff of PPF FH Group Legal Department, or (ii) web interface at These issues may be, for example, breach of ethical rules or violation of internal rules and procedures of lesser intensity or impact.

If I am not employee of HCNV

Persons who are not employees (or similar position) of HCNV, i.e. third parties or employees of other Home Credit companies, can make whistleblowing report under the local Whistleblowing channels or to